In compliance with Government Code Section 54957.5 Public records, including writings related to an agenda item for an open session of a regular meeting of the City Council of the City of Isleton that are distributed less than 72 hours before the meeting, are available for public inspection during normal business hours at Isleton City Hall located at 101 2nd ST. Isleton, California 95641.

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CC_Agenda_07-09-24 CC_Agenda Packet_07-09-24
CC- Agenda 06-25-2024 CC Agenda Packet 06-25-2024
CC_Agenda_06-11-24 CC PACKET AGENDA_06-11-2024 CC MTG MINUTES 6-11-24
CC Agenda_05-28-2024 CC Agenda Packet_05-28-2024 CC MTG MINUTES 5-28-24
CC_Agenda_05-14-2024 CC_Agenda Packet_05-14-2024 CC MTG MINUTES 5-14-24
SCC_Agenda_05-02-24 SCC_Agenda Packet_05-02-24 SCC MTG MINUTES 5-2-24
CC Agenda_4-23-2024 CC Packet Agenda_4-23-2024 CC MTG MINUTES 4-23-24
CC Agenda 3-26-24 CC Agenda Packet 3-26-24
CC Agenda_3-12-2024 CC Packet Agenda_3-12-2024 CC Meeting Minutes_03-12-2024
CC AGENDA 2-27-2024 CC PACKET AGENDA 2-27-2024 CC Meeting Minutes 02-27-2024
CC AGENDA_02-13-2024 CC AGENDA PACKET_02-13-2024 CC_Meeting Minutes_02-13-24
CC_AGENDA_01-23-2024 CC_PACKET AGENDA_01-23-2024 CC_Meeting Mintues_01-23-2024
CC AGENDA 1-9-2024 CC PACKET AGENDA 1-9-2024 CC_Meeting Minutes_01-09-2024
SCC_Agenda_01-03-24 SPC_Meeting Minutes_01-03-2024
CANCELED CC Agenda 12-26-23 N/A N/A
SCC Agenda_12-19-2023 Closed Session N/A
CC Agenda_12-12-2023 CC Packet Agenda_12-12-2023 CC_Meeting Minutes_12-12-2023
CC_Agenda_11-28-23 CC_Agenda Packet_11-28-23 CC_Meeting minutes_11-28-23
CC AGENDA_11-14-2023 CC Agenda Packet_11-14-2023 CC_Meeting Minutes_11-14-2023
CC_Agenda_10-24-03 CC_Agenda Packet_10-24-23 CC_Meeting Minutes_10-24-2023
CC_AGENDA_10-10-2023 CC_PACKET AGENDA_10-10-2023 CC_Meeting minutes_10-10-2023
CC_PACKET_10-10-2023_Item 8.A_City of Isleton AFS 2021 FINAL
CC Agenda_9-26-2023 CC Packet Agenda_9-26-2023 CC_Meeting Minutes_09-26-2023
CC_Agenda_09-12-2023 CC PACKET_09-12-23 CC_Meeting Minutes_09-12-2023
SCC_Agenda_Canceled_08-29-23 N/A CANCELED
CC Agenda_Canceled_08-22-23 N/A CANCELED
Special Joint CC and PC_Agenda_08-09-23 Special Joint CC and PC_Agenda Packet_08-09-23
CC_Agenda_08-08-23 CC_Agenda Packet_08-08-23 CC_Meeting Minutes_08-08-2023
CC AGENDA_07-25-23 CC PACKET AGENDA_07-25-23 CC_Meeting Minutes_07-25-2023
CC_Agenda_07-11-23 CC_Agenda Packet_07-11-23 CC_Meeting Minutes_07-11-2023
CC Agenda_06-27-2023 CC Agenda Packet_06-27-2023 CC_Meeting Minutes_06-27-2023
CC_Agenda_06-13-2023 CC PACKET AGENDA_06-13-2023 CC_Meeting Minutes_06-13-23
SCC Agenda_05-30-2023 SCC Agenda Packet_05-30-2023 SCC_Meeting Minutes_05-30-2023
Canceled CC Agenda_05-23-2023 N/A N/A
SCC AGENDA_05-16-2023 SCC_AGENDA PACKET_05-16-2023 SPC_Meeting Minutes_05-16-2023
CANCELLED CC Agenda_05-09-23 N/A Canceled due to City Hall Flooded; moved to special meeting on May 16th, 2023
CC_Agenda_04-25-23 CC_Agenda Packet_04-25-23 CC_Meeting Minutes_04-25-23
Special Joint CC and PC_Agenda_04-18-23 Special Joint CC and PC_Agenda Packet_04-18-23
CC Agenda 04-11-2023 CC Agenda Packet_04-11-2023 CC_Meeting Minutes_04-11-2023
AMENDED City Council Agenda_03-28-2023 CC AGENDA PACKET_03-28-2023 CC_Meeting Minutes_03-28-2023
CC Agenda_03-14-2023 CC_Agenda Packet_03-14-23 CC_Meeting Minutes_03-14-2023
CIty Council Agenda_02-28-2023 City Council Agenda Packet_02-28-2023 CC_Meeting Minutes_02-28-2023
City Council Agenda_02-14-2023 City Council Agenda Packet_02-14-2023 N/A
SCC_Agenda_01-30-23 SCC_Agenda Packet_01-30-23 SCC_Meeting Minutes_01-30-2023
Canceled CC Agenda_01-24-23 City of Declaration State of Emergency_01-19-23 N/A
CC AGENDA_01-10-2023 CC Agenda Packet_01-10-2023 CC_Meeting Minutes_01-10-2023
CC_Agenda_12-13-2022 CC_Agenda Packet_12-13-2022 CC_ Meeting Minutes_12-13-22
CC Agenda_11-22-22 CC_Agenda Packet_11-22-22 CC_meeting Minutes_11-22-22
SCC_Agenda_11-09-2022 SCC_Agenda Packet_11-09-2022 SCC_Meeting Minutes 11-09-22
CC Agenda 10-25-2022 CC Agenda Packet 10-25-2022 CC_Meeting Minutes_10-25-22
CC_Agenda_10-11-2022 CC_Agenda Packet_10-11-2022 CC_Meeting Minutes_10-11-22
CC_Agenda_09-27-22 CC_Agenda Packet_09-27-22 CC_Meeting Minutes_09-27-22
CC_Agenda_09-13-22 CC_Agenda Packet_09-13-22 CC_Meeting Minutes_09-13-22
CC Agenda_08-23-2022 CC Agenda Packet_08-23-2022 CC_Meeting Minutes_08-23-22
CC_Agenda_08-09-22_Canceled N/A N/A
SCC Agenda_08-03-22 SCC_Agenda Packet_08-03-22 SCC_Meeting Minutes_08-03-22
CC_Agenda_07-26-22_Canceled N/A Canceled Due to Covid Safety Precautions
CC_Agenda_07-12-22 CC_Agenda Packet_07-12-22 CC_Meeting Minutes_07-12-22
SCC Agenda_07-05-2022 SCC Agenda Packet_07-05-2022 SCC_Meeting Minutes_07-05-22
CC_Agenda_06-28-22 CC_Agenda Packet_06-28-22 CC_Meeting Minutes_06-28-22
CC_Agenda_06-14-22 CC_Agenda Packet_06-14-22 CC_Meeting Minutes_06-14-22
CC_Agenda_05-24-22 CC Agenda Packet_5-24-2022 CC_Meeting Minutes_05-24-22
CC Agenda Packet_5-24-2022_Attachment Wilson Ball Park Rehabiliation Project_Site Plan
CC_Agenda_05-10-22 CC_Agenda Packet_05-10-22 CC_Meeting Minutes_05-10-22
SCC Agenda_ 04-28-22 N/A N/A
CC Agenda_04-26-22 CC Agenda Packet_04-26-22 Part 1 CC_Meeting Minutes 04-26-22
CC Agenda Packet_04-26-22 Part 2
CC Agenda_4-12-2022 CC Agenda Packet_4-12-2022 CC_Meeting Minutes_04-12-22
SCC_Agenda_03-30-22 SCC_Agenda Packet_03-30-22 SCC_Meeting Minutes_3-30-22
CC_Agenda_03-22-22 CC_Agenda Packet_03-22-22 SCC_Meeting Minutes_3-30-22
CC_Agenda 03-08-22 CC_Agenda Packet_03-08-22 CC_Meeting Minutes_03-08-22
CC_Agenda_02-22-22 CC_Agenda Packet_02-22-22_Part 1 CC_Meeting Minutes_02-22-22
CC Agenda Packet_02-22-22_Part 2
CC_Agenda_02-08-22 CC_Agenda Packet_02-08-22 CC_Meeting Minutes_02-08-22
SCC AGENDA 1-27-2022 SCC AGENDA PACKET 1-27-2022 SCC_Meeting Minutes_01-27-22
CC_Agenda 01-25-22 Canceled N/A Special City Council Meeting to be held on Thu Jan 27, 2022
CC_Agenda 01-11-22 CC_Agenda Packet 01-11-22 CC_Meeting Minutes_01-11-22
CC_Agenda 12-28-21_CANCELED N/A N/A
CC_Agenda_12-14-21 CC_Agenda Packet_12-14-21 CC_Meeting Minutes_12-14-21
CC_AGENDA AMENDED_11-23-2021 CC Agenda Packet_11-23-21 CC_Meeting Minutes_11-23-21_Amended
CC_Agenda_11-09-21 CC_Agenda Packet_11-09-21 CC_Meeting Minutes_11-09-21
CC_Agenda_10-26-21 CC_Agenda Packet 10-26-21 CC_Meeting Minutes_10-26-21
CC Agenda_10-12-2021 CC_Agenda Packet_10-12-21 CC_Meeting Minutes_10-12-21
CC_Agenda_09-28-21 CC_Agenda Packet_09-28-21 CC_Meeting Minutes_09-28-21
SCC_Agenda_09-21-21_Canceled SCC Agenda Packet 09-21-21  N/A
CC Agenda_09-14-21 CC Agenda Packet_09-14-21 CC_Meeting Minutes_09-14-21
SCC Agenda_09-09-21 SCC_Agenda Packet_09-09-21 SCC_Meeting Minutes_09-09-21
CC Agenda 08-24-21 (CANCELLED) N/A N/A
CC Agenda_Amended_08-10-21 N/A CC_Meeting Minutes Amended_08-10-21
CC Agenda 08-10-21 CC Agenda Packet_08-10-21 N/A
SCC Agenda 08-05-21 SCC Agenda Packet_8-5-2021 SCC_Meeting Minutes_08-05-21
CC AGENDA_07-27-2021 CC_Agenda Packet_07-27-21 CC_Meeting Minutes_07-27-21
CC Agenda-07-13-21 CC Agenda Packet 07-13-21 CC Meeting Minutes_07-13-21
SCC_Agenda_06-29-21 SCC_Agenda Packet_06-29-21 SCC_Meeting Minutes_06-29-21
CC Agenda_06-22-2021 CC Agenda Packet_06-22-2021 CC_Meeting Minutes_06-22-21
CC_Agenda_06-08-21 CC_Agenda Packet_06-08-21 CC_Meeting Minutes_06-08-21
SCC Agenda 05-25-21 Declaration State of Emergency_Hotel Del Rio_05-21-21 SCC_Meeting Minutes_05-25-21
CC Agenda_05-25-21 CC Agenda Packet_05-25-21 CC_Meeting Minutes_5-25-21
CC Agenda_05-11-21 CC_Agenda Packet_05-11-21 CC_Meeting Minutes_05-11-21
City Council Agenda 04-27-21 CANCELED None None
CC Agenda 04-13-21 CC Agenda Packet 04-13-21 CC_Meeting Minutes_04-13-21
CC Agenda_03-23-21 CC Agenda Packet_03-23-21 CC_Meeting Minutes_3-23-21
CC Agenda_03-09-21 CC Agenda Packet_03-09-21 CC_Meeting Minutes_3-9-21
Joint PC and CC Agenda_03-04-21 Joint PC and CC Agenda Packet_03-04-21 CC and SPC Joint Meeting Minutes_03-4-2021
CC Agenda_02-23-2021 CC Agenda Packet_02-23-2021 CC_Meeting Minutes_2-23-21
CC_Agenda_02-09-21 CC_Agenda Packet_02-09-21 CC_Meeting Minutes_02-9-21
CC Agenda 01-26-21 CC Agenda Packet 01-26-21 CC Meeting Minutes 01-26-21
CC_Agenda_01-12-21 CC Agenda Packet 01-12-21 CC_Meeting Minutes_01-12-21