The City of Isleton was founded in 1874 by Josiah Poole. It is one of the oldest historical towns nestled along the beautiful Sacramento River Delta where fishing, camping, historic tours, farming, wine tasting and bike riding is prevalent. Around 1875, Chinese and Japanese mass immigration began to Isleton because of the agricultural jobs. Isleton Main Street was divided by Chinese District on the West Side and Japanese District on the East Side. These two districts are in the National Register of Historic Places (National Park Service - Isleton Chinese and Japanese Commercial Districts). In the 1930's - 1960's, Filipinos made their home in Isleton working the farmlands. According to the 2010 Census, the population is 804 residents that reside in the beautiful historic town. Read More ....



Notices published pursuant to City Zoning Code 102E

Isleton Public Works Saves the Ducklings

Thanks to local resident, Linda Garcia, notified City Hall that five ducklings fell into a street drain. Joe and Robert were able to save them while momma duck waited patiently.

Isleton Parking Enforcement

Illegal Parking, Red and No Parking Zones will be Enforced Starting in May 2021. This also includes abandoned cars. Tickets with Fines will be Issued.

34 Main Street Isleton, CA  95641
Tel:  916-777-4077


43 Main Street
Isleton, CA  95641
Telephone:  916-398-1400





208 2nd Street
Isleton, CA  95641

City recognizes Elizabeth Samano for Outstanding Service as Vice-Mayor and
Council member 2010-2018
By reducing, reusing, recycling and buying recycled-content products, every Californian can help protect the health and well-being of our people and environment, and support growth in our state’s green economy with more jobs and recycling-based enterprises. Click here to learn more and find out how you can help!
The Isleton Breakfast Club
Contact Paul Steele at 925-752-3551
Preserving the rich heritage of Delta legacy communities is important to the Delta, its residents and all of California. Isleton has an exciting opportunity to increase its level of flood protection. In 2017, the City of Isleton eceived $500,000 in funding from the California DWR Small Commuinity Flood Risk Reduction Program (SCFRRP) to prepare a feasibility study of flood risk reduction solutions that could repair, rehabilitate, or reconstruct existing flood protection facilities, inclusive of levee systems. CLICK HERE for more info. Small Communities Flood Risk Reduction Study and supportive appendices A-K for the City of Isleton (For more information click here)

Outdoor Dining & Take Out
Closed Monday
Tuesday-Thursday 11-7pm
Friday-Sataturday 11-8
Sunday 11-7
212 2nd Street -- 916-777-5001



25 Main Street Isleton, CA 95641
Tel: 916-777-6294
Take Out Only
Daily 11-8pm
Closed Tuesdays

Outdoor Dining (CLICK HERE)
Thu-Fri 4-8pm+
Sat-Sun 12-8pm+
35 Main Street
Fine Sandwiches & Specialty Snacks
25 Main Street Isleton, CA 95641
Tel: 916-777-7877
Take Out Only

City of Isleton


October 31, 2019: Today the 12 SACOG Civic Lab Year Two teams graduated in a special ceremony at the SACOG board meeting. Learn More. SACOG Reenvisioning Isleton's Main Street corridor presentation. Password: tn1n7=^B

Pictured: Irma Mora, Clay Bodenhamer, James Gates & Robert Jankovitz
California American Water works hard to ensure that our customers have access to safe drinking water. A recent news story about drinking water mentioned that a manufactured home community in the Sacramento Delta struggles to provide safe water. California American Water customers within the incorporation boundaries of City of Isleton as well as others we serve in surrounding unincorporated areas of Sacramento County are receiving water that meets or exceeds all state and federal drinking water standards.
Customers in these areas can view 2021 quality report for Isleton system customers CLICK HERE
For 24/7 Customer service call or visit:  

Protect yourself from Mosquitos

Mosquito Repellent is available at City Hall from the Mosquito & Vector Control District