Welcome to the CITY OF ISLETON


The City of Isleton was founded in 1874 by Josiah Poole. It is one of the oldest historical towns nestled along the beautiful Sacramento River Delta where fishing, camping, historic tours, farming, wine tasting, and bike riding is prevalent.


Around 1875, Chinese and Japanese mass immigration began to Isleton because of the agricultural jobs. Isleton Main Street was divided by the Chinese District on the West Side and the Japanese District on the East Side. These two districts are in the National Register of Historic Places (National Park Service - Isleton Chinese and Japanese Commercial Districts). In the 1930s-1960s, Filipinos made their home in Isleton working the farmlands. According to the 2010 Census, the population is 804 residents that reside in the beautiful historic town.


The Isleton Historical Preservation Review Board was created to work with building owners to help preserve the historical buildings on Main Street. The Isleton Brannan-Andrus Historical Society received phase one grant monies to restore the Bing Kong Tong Building which was a community, worship, and school center for the Chinese in the late 1800s. The 2nd phase is in process of being completed which will be the Isleton Museum.


Isleton is also widely known for holding “The Isleton Crawdad Festival” for three decades. The festival would bring in 200,000 visitors to the town in one weekend. In June 2019, Isletonfoundation.org held its first "Summer Fest" in Isleton. It was a successful event and everyone is looking forward to "Summer Fest 2020".


Over the past 8 years, Isleton has been working with the developers to complete the “Village on the Delta” housing development on the east end of town. The City is hoping to bring in the bay area commuters to this charming little town. Isleton is only 60 miles to San Francisco and 20 miles to the Bay Area Rapid Transit Station.


In the past few years, Isleton is slowly moving in a positive direction since the 2008 financial crisis. New businesses are starting to open: