“Protecting the Heart of the Delta”

The Isleton Fire Department is an all-risk organization providing basic life support services, fire suppression, vehicle extrication, and limited hazardous material response 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  We also perform fire inspections, fire code plan checks, and provide fire prevention awareness to the community.

The Isleton Fire Department consists of one Full-Time Fire Chief, one Full-Time Lieutenant, one Part-Time Engineer, one Part-Time Firefighter and twenty dedicated Volunteers and Reserves that bring over 150 years of combined fire and EMS experience to our small Delta community.  We maintain automatic and mutual aid agreements with surrounding departments such as River Delta Fire District, Montezuma Fire District, and the City of Rio Vista to help provide a better service to both residents and visitors of South Sacramento County.  Also, ambulance and paramedic services to our community are provided through a contract with Medic Ambulance.   We currently maintain and operate a fleet of fire apparatus consisting of 2 Staff Vehicles, 2 Type 1 Engines, 1 Type 2 Engine, 1 Type 5 Engine, 1 Water Tender, and 1 25 Foot Defender Series Safe Boat.

Isleton Fire Department is continuously accepting resumes to help fill both volunteer and reserve firefighter positions.  If interested, please FAX a resume to 916-777-7775 or drop one off in person at 101 2nd Street, Isleton, CA  95641.

Scott Baroni, Fire Chief