Isleton Community Service: Serving the Community with Dedication


At the heart of our vibrant community lies a dedicated team working tirelessly to ensure our city remains a safe, harmonious, and well-maintained place to live. The Isleton Community Service is the backbone of this endeavor, overseeing crucial aspects of city life with efficiency and care.

One of the primary responsibilities of the Community Service is Code Enforcement, ensuring that our city ordinances are upheld and our neighborhoods remain pleasant for all. From addressing issues like unkempt properties to enforcing zoning regulations, they work to maintain the integrity and beauty of Isleton.

In addition to Code Enforcement, the Community Service manages the Rental Housing Program, safeguarding the rights of both tenants and landlords while promoting fair and equitable housing practices within our community.

But their role extends beyond these specific duties. Community Service handles non-priority needs within our city limits, including parking enforcement and responding to citizen requests for non-emergency services. This ensures that even the smallest concerns of our residents are addressed promptly and efficiently.

A crucial aspect of their work is the provision of information and assistance to residents. Community Service Officer (CSO), though non-sworn officers of the City of Isleton, possess a wealth of knowledge regarding municipal, vehicle, and penal codes. The CSO is ready to answer questions and provide guidance to residents, empowering them with the information they need to navigate city regulations.

Importantly, the CSO also plays a vital role in maintaining peace within our community. In situations where law enforcement is required, they can step in to keep the peace until official authorities arrive, ensuring the safety and well-being of our residents at all times.





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Community Service can be reached at City Hall, (916) 777-7770 or by email at