• Wilson Park is located on Andrus Circle Drive/Jackson Slough Road. Baseball field, bleachers, food stand, restrooms, picnic area, and playground for children.
  • Main Street Park is located in the historical district in Isleton. The Chinese Memorial Pavilion is in the process of being restored. Benches and playgrounds for children available.
  • William Ramos Public Park & Recreation Area is located on 1st Street and Hwy 160. The area has public restrooms and a parking area. A stairway leads to the levee road (1st Street) to the Isleton Dock.
  • Monument Park is located off 2nd and D Streets. There are a bbq and picnic bench for the public to enjoy.
  • Tower Park and Ride Lot located on 2nd and E Streets were completed in July 2019 for public use. An additional City bus stop is in the process of being constructed in the near future.
  • Tower Park adjacent to the Tower Park & Ride Lot landscaping and picnic area will be developed in the near future.
If you want more information regarding the Isleton Parks, please contact 916-777-7770 or email publicworks@cityofisleton.com