• Wilson Park is located on Andrus Circle Drive/Jackson Slough Road. Baseball field, bleachers, food stand, restrooms, picnic area, and playground for children.  The park has been rehabilitated but not open to public until further notice.  It includes new park amenities, skate park, new playground and dog park.
  • Main Street Park is located in the historical district in Isleton which includes the Chinese Memorial Pavilion 
  • William Ramos Public Park & Recreation Area is located on 1st Street and Hwy 160. The area has public restrooms and a parking area. A stairway leads to the levee road (1st Street) to the Isleton Dock.
  • Monument Park is located off 2nd and D Streets. There is a bbq and picnic bench for the public to enjoy.
  • Tower Park and Ride Lot located on 2nd and E Streets were completed in July 2019 for public use. 
  • Tower Park adjacent to the Tower Park & Ride Lot landscaping and picnic area will be developed in the near future.
If you want more information regarding the Isleton Parks, please contact 916-777-7770