Welcome to the City of Isleton Zoning Code Update web page!  This page provides information about the project, opportunities for community input, and draft documents released during the process.

Public Participation

To ensure a well-informed and inclusive process, the City will leverage various resources. Stakeholder and community input will be actively sought, and the update will be guided by legislative requirements. This multifaceted approach aims to create a Zoning Code that is responsive to the needs and aspirations of the community, while meeting the regulatory standards set forth by the state and incorporating goals of the 6th Cycle Housing Element Update.


How to be involved?

With active participation, the City hopes to understand the trends and patterns in current development; including the community’s priorities for updating the Zoning Code and specific changes proposed; and hear the community’s thoughts on organization, form, style, and usability of the code.  Please view the Participate page often for updates.  In addition, you may provide comments regarding the Zoning Code Update to the following email:

Yvonne Zepeda, City Clerk at: yvonne.zepeda@cityofisleton.com