Administrative Assistant

Grant Writer

Under the general direction of the City Manager, the Grant Writer oversees the grant applications and process for the City. Identifies potential new funding sources, writing grants, collaborating with various departments, local agencies, and community organizations; research the required documentation for grants, process requests for proposals; reporting; and process grant reimbursement requests.

Assistant to City Manager and other Departments

  • Assist City Manager: Type letters, staff reports for city council and planning commission meetings, and schedule meetings with various local agencies and community organizations.
  • Assist Deputy City Clerk: Provides administrative support to the City Clerk in areas including general municipal government, and is responsible to work in the City Clerk’s absence.
  • Public Works Superintendent: Process transportation funds reports and provide other clerical needs.
  • Assistant Planner: Works with Assistant Planner on grants and CIP projects list, and assist in coordinating meetings with local agencies and community organization meetings.
  • City Liaison for the Isleton Historical Preservation Review Board (IHPRB)Process Certification of Appropriateness applications from building owners, coordinate with IHPRB on final findings and coordinate additional meetings if needed IHPRB.
Website Administrator

  • Developed City website in 2016. Updates website on daily basis.

Diana O'Brien. Administrative Assistant