Cannabis Information 

Conditional Use Permits, which are required for any potential business dealing with Cannabis, can be obtained by request to

Limited cultivation for personal use is allowed, but will need to be registered with the City by submitting a Personal Cannabis Cultivation Permit

Ordinance 2018-01  Establishing regulations concerning the smoking of                                           Cannabis in Public Places.

Ordinance 2018-02  Adding Cannabis Land Use regulations to the                                                    Isleton Zoning Code.

Ordinance 2018-03  Setting Zone restrictions on where different                                                       Cannabis activities can take place. 

Ordinance 2018-05  Amending the Zoning Code to allow cultivation for                                           personal use,

Ordinance 2018-08  Making commercial cannabis activity require a                                                  Conditional Use Permit to operate,

Ordinance 2019-04  Repealing ban on commercial cannabis signage